Beer Tap

Curious if we can order something?

If you can't find what you're looking for, ask one of our employees if they can bring it in for you. You can also request items over the phone or send us a Facebook message.

We're constantly adding to our inventory.

Omaha location: (531)777-5121

Lincoln location: (531) 777-4388

Grand Island location: (531) 375-1805

Keg Orders

Ask our beer experts about special ordering kegs. We bring in a variety of domestic, craft and local kegs for sale. All kegs have a $30 deposit.

If you need a tap handle, we rent taps for an additional $50 deposit.


Domestic 1/2 Barrel: $130

Domestic 1/6 Barrel: $75

Craft 1/6 Barrel: Ask for Price